A yes to life

Published on 21/01/2019

In our Saint Maria Goretti School we have a mother who has two children with different fathers. She fell in love with a third man and found herself pregnant. The man threatened her that if she didn't abort the child he would abandon her and ordered her to get rid of this "disgrace." She came to school completely desperate. She knew that abortion was killing an innocent child. But her economic condition was very precarious and she didn't want to lose the man.

Our Movement is call "The Missionary Servants of the Poor" and we feel that that is our primary mission. We are missionaries, we are bearers of the Gospel of Christ. And the Word of God is Life. God is the Author of Life. His Son, who became flesh in the womb of a woman, is the model of Life.

Through a pure grace of God, with a free conscience, the woman accepted the challenge of life, the challenge of trusting in God. She accepted being rejected by the man and giving life to the baby that she had in her womb. She confided in us that the thing that sustained her spiritually the most was praying the Holy Rosary. Two little twin girls were born, the loves of her life, healthy and strong. She came to us a little while ago to thank us for the spiritual and material support she received and continues to receive. Her two older children are in our schools, a 17-year-old boy in our Saints Francisco and Jacinta Marto School and a 14-year-old girl in our Saint Maria Goretti School.

God is a Father and never abandons those who trust in Him. May Mary, Mother of the Church and our Mother be always our model of Life and of Love as she was for that poor woman.