Brother René Abel Achahui Ppacsi

Published on 30/06/2017

On 29th April Brother René Abel Achahui Ppacsi  joined the community of the Missionary Servants of the poor in Andahuaylillas. His is a very special case because he was an intern in the Home of our Sisters, and then in the “City of Boys”, Minor Seminarian, and finally, a brother in our community.

René was born on 27th March 1997 in Ocongate (Ppachanta). When he was still very small his parents realised that he was not healthy, and, in order to find a solution, his father took him to Cusco. While they were there they suffered hunger and cold; they also sleot in the street since nobody put them up there. There they found our Sisters’ Home, still located in Av. Grau, near to the historical centre of Cusco. It was 18th May 2000, and René was 3 years old.

In order to carry out the due medical analysis of the child, he was sent numerous times to Lima. The doctors diagnosed him with a rare disease, hepatomegaly, and had little hope that he would live much longer. But God had other plans for him. With our sisters he managed to recover little by little, learning, as he grew, many things about the Good God, thanks to the affection with which he was surrounded. 
But our sisters are able to care for only very young boys, with the exception of those who are severely disabled. And so our little angel, on 3rd January 2007, left the Sisters’ Home, and moved to the Home directed by the priests in Andahuaylillas, about 45 km from Cusco. And so he began this new stage of his life in the “City of Boys”. It was a new stage in which he never lacked the closeness of the priests, who visited him often, in spite of the distance and difficulties with travelling.

There he got to know children who, like him, found themselves in the home because of different problems – all the little ones who through different ways, Divine Providence has entrusted to our care.

There he learnt more and more the ways of God, being able to make his First Holy Communion, learning how to make a good confession, and receiving, at the right time, the sacrament of Confirmation.

He grew physically and intellectually, studying in our school “Francisco y Jacinta Marto” and finishing his studies in the centre “Beato José Sánchez del Río” (“Blessed”, because when we opened this centre, the little martyr from the Cristiada still had not been canonised).

There he discovered the call of God, and when he began his fourth year of secondary school, he asked to join our Minor Seminary “San Luis Gonzaga”, when Father Matías Brand msp was superior. He was admitted and was able to finish his studies in December 2016, as a seminarian. He also learnt to play the organ in our chapel, enabling him to play for the masses on feasts and solemnities. 

On 29th April he began a new stage. Little René is now bro. René, and he continues his preparation, supporting the different apostolates. Thanks to God his parents are not opposed to his decision – in the last few years, numerous boys have wanted to join our seminary, but were not able because of opposition from their parents.

We commend bro René, his vocation, his sanctity, and his perseverance, to your prayers.