Published on 11/02/2019
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If your family desires to participate in a beautiful experience of prayer, fellowship and family unity We invite you to participate in our next  “Family Camp” which will take place in Assisi, Italy August 3 - 11, 2019
"The true bond is always with the Lord. All families need God:  all, all! They need His help, His strength, His blessing, His mercy, His forgiveness. And simplicity is required. Praying with the family requires simplicity! When the family prays together, the bond becomes strong."
Pope Francis, Speech to Families

For more information contact: 

“Missionari Servi dei Poveri” Via E. Asfinio,8 26858 Sordio (LO) Italia 

Cell. P. Walter 0039 335 1823251 

e-mail :

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