Published on 25/02/2019

This week Sabine and I were at the Regional Hospital in Cuzco. Walking through the hospital we heard a woman say, "Aunt Sabine." We turned around and saw a woman whom I didn't recognize right away. Then she asked, "Uncle Philippe, do you recognize me?" It was Jenny whom we hadn't seen for 17 years.

Seventeen years ago a priest of the Movement had sent to us a teenager named Jenny because her parents were pressuring her to have an abortion. A man had taken advantage of Jenny and she found herself pregnant. His same man, who was married, was also pressuring her to have an abortion.

Yesterday when we saw her, Jenny spoke to us with great pride of her son Manuel, the baby who was born 17 years ago. He is a smart teenager and a hard worker. Manuel is studying computer science and pays for his own schooling by working with computers.

It gave us great joy to see Jenny so happy. Seventeen years ago Jenny was desperate and now she is happy. Our human and spiritual support 17 years ago is something we can and we all must give. Our reward yesterday was to see the joy of a mother who was proud of her son whose life she saved against everyone's wishes. Now Manuel lives!