Stories of our children: Federico

Published on 18/01/2018

Federico (the name is fictitious) was born on  October 28, 2009 in the district of Santiago, Cuzco.  The parents of this child are Samuel and Lucia, aged twenty four and twenty three years respectively.

This boy’s situation is rather delicate:  his mother left the house with another man approximately two years ago.  Since then, the boy has been living with his father and paternal grandfather.

However, one day back in 2014, the father asked the grandfather to stay with the boy while he went to work, and from this day onward he never again returned.
Since then, the grandfather has been looking after his grandson.  Unfortunately, he recently had to take the child to the judicial authorities as he has neither physical nor economic means to look after the basic necessities of his grandson.

Federico has no siblings, and on top of that, he does not remember either of his parents as he was abandoned at a very young age, four years old approximately.
Apparently, this child has attended a very basic local school, but rather sporadically, so it did not help him advance much in his knowledge.  He is still just beginning to learn how to read.

He seems to be a quiet and kind child, although he does not seem to speak much.  It is possible that when staying with his paternal grandfather, he was not exposed to communicating with children his own age.

Nevertheless, he looks very happy when he plays in the park or when he goes to the swimming pool.  Somethimes he does not understand the rules of the house, but he will get used to it gradually.

Regarding his spiritual life, Federico arrived without being baptized.  Likewise, he gradually learns all the prayers little by little; surely nobody in his family has ever taught him to pray.  He also feels very happy serving as an altar server for the Holy Mass.

Let us pray for this child, that he may adapt well to the Home; and may we also pray for his parents, that they may find in their hearts the way to repent for all that they have done to their own child. 

Fr. Raúl González de Olazábal, msp

It is truly a big task the Lord has entrusted to us. In fact, as Fr. Giovanni Salerno, msp wrote in his book On Mission with God in the Andes (Part II: Love for the children), “If, since the beginning of the foundation of our Movement, we had not heartily taken charge of all these poor orphans and abandoned children, today they would be individuals left to the mercy of themselves, without a profession, idle, and full of vices”.  We hope in God that the education received in our Homes, and the love that surrounds Federico and all the other children, may convert them into good citizens and holy Christians, as Saint John Bosco used to say, and whose educational method we try to imitate.