Stories of our children: Mateo

Published on 28/10/2017

Mateo (the name is fictitious) was born on September 24, 2007 in the district of Santiago in the city of Cusco. He is currently nine years old and has four brothers.  His older brother Francisco (the name is fictitious) also lives in the City of Boys, while his sister is a resident in the home of our Sisters.

The life of Mateo’s parents is very unstable; in fact, both of them lead lives that are very disorderly. His parents are separated, and his father has another partner with whom he already has two children.

Mateo entered our home on January 26, 2015.  The main reason he came to our home was because he came from a completely broken family.  His father has several admissions to prison for stealing, while his mother is addicted to alcohol and other prohibited substances.
His brother Francisco came to our home with serious behavioural problems.  He was sometimes aggressive, very stubborn, and also had the bad habit of taking things that were not his.  This very negative behaviour, exhibited by Francisco at the time of his arrival,  was surely due to the deep wounds that he had been carrying all his life; the product of the violence he had seen at home and the bad examples given by the adults around him. 

     Currently, Mateo is attending the 4th year of primary school and hasn’t had any big problems with his studies.  He likes to study, and enjoys reading and mathematical operations.  We can safely say that he is a studious child.

Also, he is often visited by his grandmother and maternal aunt, in addition to his seven year old sister.

Unfortunately, there have not been many positive changes in Mateo’s family environment since last year.  His father continues to devote himself to robbery, and his mother, despite making efforts to leave behind her disorderly life, does not have the necessary support of the judicial authorities due to her inconsistency in attending the psychological therapies in which she must participate.

On the positive side, Mateo has improved his behaviour since last year.  He is more responsible, studies well, and no longer bothers his friends.  He enjoys sports, especially football and swimming. Mateo also likes following the prayers we pray in the home.  Hopefully, with the help of God, this child will continue to improve.

Fr. Raúl Gonzales de Olazábal, msp