Yearly missions of our students

Published on 19/11/2018

On October 18, 19, 25 and 26, all the students of the Francisco and Jacinta Marto School were sent on their yearly mission to various schools near the City of Boys. Over several weeks, each grade prepared a catechetical lesson in the form of a skit on the theme of vocation (this year's pastoral theme for the Diocese of Cuzco). The boys from our school had the mission of becoming apostles to the children of the schools they were going to visit.

On the day of the mission the Francisco and Jacinta Marto students left on foot for the assigned schools. Some walked more than two hours to get to their destination and one school was more than 13,000 feet above sea level. They greeted the students on their arrival and performed their catechetical skit, taking their parts very seriously. In one mission they then celebrated Mass with the other students enlivening it with their songs while the other students looked on attentively.

At the end of the mission there was an exchange of gifts. Our students gave a bag of clothes (the schools we visited were in very poor villages) and they also gave up their daily treat so as to share it with the students of the mission. The students of the mission gave our students some food as a sign of friendship and they look forward to another chance to meet again.