Married Missionary Couples Servants of the Poor who, with their children, have left their respective countries, deciding to open their families to the poorest, like a small domestic Church which is transformed into a welcome and into love shared with those who suffer.

The husbands are responsible for the following work (in the City of Boys in Andahuaylillas):

Male Charitable Education Centre “Blessed Francisco and Jacinta Marto”, where we welcome 200 poor young boys, for free;

Occupational workshops where the poor children learn a trade, thanks to the instruction given by professional teachers.

The wives are responsible for the following work:

In Cuzco, the female Charitable Education Centre “Santa Maria Goretti” and the workshops connected to it.

They take in 350 poor young girls, who receive for free, school education and integral formation, all the necessary school material, good nourishment, and an indispensable sanitary assistance.

The missionary married couples also visit a village in the Cordillera every week, where they give catechesis and materially support the needy families.

They also work in Lima, Mexico (Guadalajara) and they run the Welcome Centre at Budapest (Hungary) for gypsy children who come from different poor areas of the capital city of Hungary.

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