The monastery “Our Lady of Silence” belonging to the Missionary Servants of the Poor is like an extension of the Movement, and so they are called “Missionaries of Silence”. The contemplative community is composed of Contemplative Priests and Brothers.

They live an austere enclosed life, offering themselves as broken bread and burned incense to give glory to God, to intercede for all the members of the Church, to make reparation for the sins of humanity, and to spiritually accompany the missionaries. As well as dedicating themselves to liturgical prayer and to Eucharistic Adoration, the community takes in male members of the community (priests and brothers) to carry out times of spiritual exercises, according to the Ignatian method. The contemplative priests also preach these spiritual exercises to external priests, religious and young lay men.

The contemplative community also places great importance on Gregorian and Latin chant, and so the conventual Mass is always celebrated in the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite according to the dispositions of the Motu proprio Motu proprio “ Summorum Pontificum “.

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