Mission in Accha (Cusco - Peru)

Gepubliceerd op 31/05/2017

Mission in Accha


(Testimony of Sr. María Luisa Huamán Lucana msp)


We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed.” (2 Corinthians 4, 8 – 9)


One of the recent extraordinary missions took place in Hacca, Huillcuyo and Tambo, which are in Accha. Of the six sisters going on this mission, three of them already knew the place, but for the others, everything was going to be new. They had the opportunity to get to know another part of Cusco, a village that we used to know a few years ago (we knew it as a very poor village).


We left for the mission with a lot of excitement; the excitement of transmitting Christ resurrected to more people. The journey was long, and we were just about to arrive at our destination, we found ourselves in our first difficulty. The road was closed because of heavy machinery that had broken in the street, and we could not get past. We were told that maybe by 20:00 everything would be fixed, and so we just hoped that it would be. One hour went by, two hours… and then it turned into five days. In spite of this difficulty we did not give up. The next day, very early, we started walking toward our destination. We walked for eight hours to arrive at Hacca and Huillcuyo. Once there, we visited the homes and we found many abandoned and uncared-for elderly people. It moved us to see how some of them felt especially excited to tell us that they will soon be going to … their Heavenly home. On our way back we met with many young students, and we decided to do some catechesis with them in the evening. About 100 children came, and 12 parents.


On the third day of the mission we had an unforgettable experience. In fact we all realised that the devil did not like this mission. We returned exhausted from the mission that we undertook by foot, and still hoping to do some catechesis that night. When we arrived with the community, there was a beautiful view of the full moon, the sky was clear, and many stars could be seen… but this was a gift of God that lasted only for a few minutes. Afterwards everything became cloudy and dark, and a real hurricane set itself upon us. At first we were filled with terror, but it was a short-lived fear, which afterwards, through the grace of God, who never abandons His missionaries, turned into strength and the urge to carry on with the mission.


In this mission we had different difficulties in teaching the catechism, but since for God nothing is impossible, in spite of the long walks and tiredness that we suffered, we were able to visit the people in their homes, give catechesis, and pray the Holy Rosary with them. Finally the Lord granted us a great gift – with the arrival of a priest from that area, we were able to participate in the Holy Mass and receive the Eucharist, which we awaited with so much enthusiasm.


 Sr. María Luisa Huamán Lucana, msp