"I am thirsty" (Jn 19:28). The MSP Sisters want to help

AUG 30, 2021

The Missionary Sisters Servants of the Poor, these days are doing mission in the towns of Tantamaco, a town center of Macusani, Isivilla and Aymaña, towns of Corani. These towns are located in the department of Puno at 4321 metres above sea level. Missionary work in these lands are arduous and although the participation of the people was massive, there are still a portion of the people who could not be reached for reasons of time.

The people in these towns are eager to learn, they participate with great enthusiasm, so some catechists began to be organized and they will continue the evangelization in our absence and with the blessing of God we hope that in September of this year the Sacraments will be carried out.

In the same way, in the previous month, missionary work was carried out in Karhuis, Ccasacunca, Ccocayllu, Pacca and Uratea; Towns that due to the pandemic situation we visit only once a month for three days. And in Huarqui, a town in the Lamay district at 4355 meters above sea level. The apostolate of the Sisters in this town is being carried out through home visits, trying to avoid crowding, which is difficult, since people want to participate in prayers and catechesis. We entrust your prayers to this missionary group so that the Lord protects them and allows them to return home safely.

"Pray, then, for the owner of the harvest to send workers to his harvest." (Mt 9:38)