October 12th. Pillar of our missionary life

OCT 14, 2023

October 12 is an important day for the Missionary Servants of the Poor. On this day the professed members renew their vows while the others request acceptance of either temporary or perpetual vows.

This year we had the great blessing of being able to celebrate the perpetual profession of three Sisters (Sr. Katherine, Sr. Yenny, and Sr. Maria Luisa) and of one Brother (Br. Pierre André), the renewal of vows of three other Sisters (Sr. Sharmely, Sr. Saida, and Sr. Gabriela) and of four brothers (Br. Mateo, Br. René, Br. Gabriel, and Br. Fabián) and the first vows of three Sisters (Sr. Yaneth, Sr. Grizaida, and Sr. Adelma).

It is worth mentioning some words of Father Giovanni about how this day should be spent. “This day we must celebrate in silence and austerity, having Eucharistic Adoration throughout the day, so that in silence each one makes this partnership of love in the service of the poorest, without forgetting the continuous reading of the Imitation of Christ (our rule of life) and keeping in mind a path of continuous conversion. I honestly tell you that if we practice these methods it will allow our communities to grow every day in their charism and remain united in the same ideal.”

We commend the fruits of this day especially to your prayers.