Young people who continue to give their "yes" to God

FEB 28, 2022

It is a joy for us to share with you that some young women are still eager to give their lives to God. In this case, in the Home of our sisters "Missionary Servants of the Poor" Sisters Adelma, Grizaida and Janet have received the veil; and recently, the young ladies Rosa María, Analucía and Ayde have taken up the empty cross (symbol of the cross that each one must carry in the midst of service and dedication to the poor), to become part of our applicants. 



We never tire of asking all of you to help us foster vocations: in the midst of your families, neighborhoods, parishes and communities. We must be convinced of the need that the whole world and the Church have for young people, totally dedicated to the cause of the Gospel. 

"The Church lives for her ministers and consecrated persons and we must help her to have them" (Extract from the prayer that the Missionary Servants of the Poor pray every Thursday during Eucharistic Adoration, to ask God for many holy vocations)