A beautiful testimony: Ángel Alberto Atiquipa Mayhua

AUG 10, 2021

Five years ago Ángel was a healthy twenty-seven year old man and studying botany at the university. As a result of an accident, he lost his memory and speech and became bedridden. His mother became severely depressed because Ángel is her oldest of only two children. After various medical tests they couldn’t come up with an exact diagnosis. He only got worse because they put him on psychiatric drugs. On seeing no improvement they took him off the drugs and commended him to God. His mother was desperate and had decided to leave and abandon the family.

In May she met some Missionary Servants of the Poor Sisters whom she invited home. She told them about her situation and confided to them that she was desperate. As a child she grew up in a convent in Lima and when she needed something she always went to the Sisters. After listening to her, they prayed together and commended her whole family to God. A little later, with the help of the Sisters, her children were baptized and received First Communion. Since then Ángel has gotten significantly better. He walks alone and has recovered enough speech to be understood. He likes to read and draw.


Now he comes to Eucharist Adoration every Thursday with his father. He prays the rosary, sings and follows he prays like Saint Francisco Marto by repeating after us everything he hears. His parents are preparing to receive the sacrament of Matrimony. God will that this happen.