A continual suffering

March 27, 2021

How difficult this Covid-19 pandemic has been for poor families who find themselves immersed in ceaseless suffering trying to get enough to eat!

We joyfully tell you that yesterday we distributed food to the families of our girls in Cuzco. In the month of March the Church honors our Patriarch Saint Joseph and not only this month but, thanks to the solicitude of our Holy Father Francis, the whole year will be dedicated to this blessed Patriarch, Saint Joseph who continues to work great things for us.

We were able to distribute 8 tons of food. The current situation in Peru for many families is not easy. They suffer many hardships and many scarcely live on what the missionaries give them. We thank everyone from the bottoms of our hearts for everything, especially for your continual and fervent prayers.

Let’s not forget, dear Brothers and Sisters, that this Lent is a time of mercy and almsgiving. Fasting and prayer must be accompanied by almsgiving.

“Prayer calls, fasting intercedes, mercy receives” (Saint Peter Chrysologus).