A "Holy Week" in the mountain range

APR 22, 2022

 For us missionaries,  it  has been beautiful to be able to "actualize" in the midst of the poor the mysteries of the passion, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

During this week we have been in several villages of the mountain range carrying Jesus Christ, his Mother and his Wife the Church.

Some missionaries such as Fr. Urs (Swiss) and Br. Jean (French) have been for a week in the villages of Cusibamba and Totora, where they tell us that in addition to having celebrated the liturgy of the Easter Triduum, they have been able to visit house by house the sick and the various people who live in these villages. They also celebrated baptisms, and performed the Holy Way of the Cross, where they could pray with the townspeople touring the various stations in the middle of the mountains.

Deacon Deyvid (Colombian) tells us that for him it has been an opportunity to share the sufferings of the Passion of the Lord, since sometimes from the comfort of our homes it is difficult for us to experience true compassion towards the suffering of our brothers and sisters who suffer the most. 

The "minor formators" (or, as they are more popularly known as minor seminarians) were also able to accompany several missionaries in the different villages.

A "minor seminarian" named Artur (Peruvian), tells us that it has been a beautiful experience, in which he has been able to evangelize in the mother tongue of the people he visited, since many people, and especially the elderly, only master the Quechua language and Artur speaks it perfectly. 

In addition to this, in towns such as Parara it has been possible to hold the Vigil of "Holy Thursday" and instruct people in "Eucharistic Adoration" since many do not know this beautiful practice of the Catholic Church. One of our missionaries tells us that it was a beautiful experience to see several peasants organizing their Eucharistic Adoration shifts to accompany the Blessed Sacrament throughout the night. 

We entrust ourselves to your prayers and ask you to continue to support us in this beautiful work. Thanks to your help, we can bring God's Word to so many who need it.

God bless you