DEC 27, 2021

On Christmas the orphaned boys along with some of the Priests and Brothers make the traditional and meaningful manger scene of Bethlehem. This is healthy fun for the boys and at the same time it makes grow in them the desire to celebrate the birth of our Savior.

When the school year ends, the boys have more time on their hands and we take advantage of this to reinforce things they have become lazy about during the year, give them additional catechesis, more recreation time, and the putting on of a Christmas play.

On Christmas we have the traditional Christmas Eve supper which is always a joyful time for the community and the boys. Afterwards we all sing Christmas carols in front of the nativity scene and then we have Midnight Mass with the older boys. The next day the boys unwrap (with great hubbub) their Christmas presents, the fruit of Divine Providence which never fails.