Food for the poorest

NOV 24, 2021

The grace of God awakened in the hearts of so many people a great generosity that has helped so many poor people in need. We have been able to distribute various foods for the support of many families during the month of November.

The pandemic has not been easy for any of us. But, as always, the most affected are the poor, so we can’t forget their suffering and pain.

It is important that we rediscover the joy of giving and of giving ourselves. How beautiful! It’s when we really have faith in giving that we receive. When we take the words of Jesus seriously, “There is greater joy in giving than in receiving” (Acts 20:35) is when we discover that the words transcend holy writ and begin to live in us. Let’s be generous with the poor and God will be generous with us.


During this month we have distributed 10 kilos of rice, 10 kilos of sugar, 5 kilos of meat, 1 kilo of salt, 5 cans of milk, 3 cans of tuna, 14 kilos of potatoes, 3 kilos of onion, 3 kilos of carrots, 1 kilo of lettuce, 1 kilo of cheese, and 20 loaves of bread per family. Approximately 14 tons of food has been given out and more than 300 families have benefitted from what we have given. Thanks to God to have witnessed the multiplication of the loaves in our homes.