Get to know our missionary families

DEC 1, 2021

During this time of global pandemic, many of us have witnessed the radical way it has changed our way of living and working, from the prohibition of celebrating Mass in person to losing so many people who have gone to the house of our Heavenly Father. However, along with rest of humanity, we are challenged to go beyond the pain and to reflect on the deep meaning of this time of pandemic. This means returning to the center of our faith and discerning how God makes Himself known to those who suffer most in these events. It is here that, by the mercy of God, we discover the grace that allows us to serve Our Lord’s favorites, the poor. In fact, and thanks to the help of our benefactors, we have been able to deliver groceries to the families of our students helping them not only materially but also spiritually.

We have had the joy of welcoming a new young family to our community of married missionaries. He is Mexican and she is Peruvian. There have also been two births during this pandemic. We prove once again the greatness of our Good God!

Just as many of you have, almost 100% of our community of married couples have been affected by this virus. In this way we have been able to experience more closely the suffering only by Divine Will and Grace. This has taught us life lessons and in this way have come to understand and help the suffering of the families of our students.

We are preparing for the return of our students, God willing. This brings us great joy and encourages us to be able to be with our families again as they are the most affected by this pandemic. Our students’ joy is palpable when we speak to them on the phone or in virtual classes and they are very excited to return to the classroom.

We have also been able to return to catechizing our collaborators little by little which is a fundamental way of coming closer to Christ.

We commend ourselves to your prayers that we may be able to continue with our work and in this way continue supporting the families of our students. You may count on our humble prayers.