"Give them something to eat"

APR 15, 2021

Today we see the multiplication of the loaves of the Gospel as a current fact; We, the Missionary Sisters Servants of the Poor, are witnessing it, in Ilo a city in the district of Moquegua, where we carry out our missionary work. “The loaves and fishes” are multiplied for us and for the poor who we serve every day in the “San Martín” dining room that began to function in times of pandemic and that although it was planned to last until the end of the “budget” (for three months or so), has not yet stopped, we are in the month of April, and this work has not had a pause and continues to serve 240 people every day ... and it will continue to do so; because in the hearts of the inhabitants of this area, there is love and this makes them capable of offering what little they have so that Jesus can do his multiplying work.

We want to be obedient to the Lord's command: "Give them something to eat" (Mt.14, 13-21), we are witnessing every day that God does not abandon his poor and is always ready to listen to them.

Before beginning each day of distributing food, together with the people we pray the prayer of Thanksgiving asking Saint Joseph to continue interceding for us, immediately afterwards we read the Gospel of the day accompanied by a small reflection. Thus, with the help of God we try to feed the soul of each person who comes to receive their food.

We thank God for all that He does for us and for the poor we serve… Let us bless the Lord for the wonders that he works every day.