Mary in the center of our hearts

MAY 13, 2022

For all those who know us it is well known that the Missionary Servants of the Poor (MSP), in the men’s as well as the women’s branch, profess a steady and tender devotion of our Heavenly Mother.

Our founder, Father Giovanni Salerno, has imbued in us a great love for our Mother and especially for the message given by Our Lady at Fatima, Portugal. Each first Saturday of the month the Missionary Servant of the Poor renews his total surrender and consecration to our Heavenly Mother. In community, including many of our poor children, a solemn procession is made very first Saturday of the month.

To this is added a daily Holy Rosary and continuous prayer to our Mother through prayers that we love. One of them, is that of Father de Grandmaison, SJ, which constitutes a complete life plan for the missionary and for everyone who desires to love God with his whole heart. We say this prayer every day at the feet of the Most Blessed Sacrament in our daily adoration:

Holy Mary, Mother of God, preserve in me the heart of a child, pure and clean like spring water; a simple heart that does not remain absorbed in its own sadness; a loving heart that freely gives with compassion; a faithful and generous heartthat neither forgets good nor feels bitterness for any evil. Give me a sweet and humble heart that loves without asking to be loved in return, happy to lose itself in the heart of others, sacrificing itself before your Divine Son; a great and unconquerable heart which no ingratitude can close and no indifference can tire; a heart tormented by the glory of Christ, pierced by His love with a wound that will not heal until heaven.

Our boys and girls like this devotion and carefully prepare for it each day. For example, in our Saint Maria Goretti girls’ school, they started to celebrate on May 2 by offering Our Heavenly Mother prayers, songs, flowers, and little wreaths. From May 3 to the 31st, the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary will be in each of our classrooms to impress on our girls the importance of loving this most beautiful Mother.

We pray to Our Mother for all of you. Do not hesitate to write and entrust your prayers to us.