Mission in the High Cordillera

OCT 2, 2021

We thank you all for your continual prayers. Thanks to them our missionaries can continue their missions in this difficult time of pandemic.

From September 15 - 29 Father Carlos Alberto Jiménez (Colombian) and Brothers Juan David Zapata (Colombian), Thomas Hollaemder (French), and René Machacca (Peruvian) visited several villages in the mountains of Peru. Among them were Colkaqui, Yarkakunka, Alto Cucuchirai, Parocochan, San Juan de Quiwares, and Mayumbamba.

During the mission we catechized many children and adults and prepared some people for the upcoming reception of the sacraments. We also distributed food, blankets, etc.

We hope that God's great mercy may use these small sacrifices to bring relief to so many of our poor brothers and sisters who suffer unspeakably.