News from our dear mission in Cuba

DEC 16, 2021

It has not been an easy time on the island of Cuba because of all the difficulties caused by the pandemic. Through it all, the priests have been able to celebrate Holy Mass in the churches in the various villages that they serve. They also visit the sick and bring them the sacraments while also catechizing the children and young people which is so necessary now in Cuba.


To all this spiritual work is added the work the missionaries do among the poor bringing them food and medicine. In addition, they are helping with the rebuilding of the church in Cumanayagua where they celebrate Holy Mass every day in a chapel next door.

In October they will be able to begin bringing the Pilgrim Virgin statue to the families of Arimao.

Our community in Pepito Tey (a little village in the diocese of Cienfuegos, Cuba), since the departure of the former superior Father Urs, msp for Peru, is composed of Father Matias Brand, msp (Superior), Father Giuseppe Cardamone, msp, and Father Sebastian Dumont, msp.