Our Sisters from Ilo-Moquegua, Peru

AUG 25, 2021

The community of MSP Sisters of Ilo/Moquegua have restarted the face-to-face catechesis with the group of First Holy Communion children. These children belong to the Parish School "Santa Elizabeth" to which we Sisters provide spiritual support and religion education. We started catechesis at the request of the director of the School and of the children themselves, who with great enthusiasm faithfully attend catechesis. After these months of preparation, the Holy Mass was celebrated, during which the rite of giving the Word of God to the children was performed. They were all very happy and ready to continue their preparation to receive their First Holy Communion.

During this same month, we have completed a year of service in the "St. Martín de Porres" dining room. On the occasion of this anniversary, we have organized a banner contest of thanksgiving to God, each one of them tried hard and make the banner the best they could and with what they had available. God took care of the award through a lady who offered herself by means of donation. Everything turned out very beautiful, and we thank God, mainly, for the fruits of this humble work.