Sebastian, a young Peruvian who wants to give his life for the poorest

DEC 24, 2022

Yesterday, Sebastian Michael Cervantes Toledo received the “scapular habit” from the Missionary Servants of the Poor (MSP). This is given to those young men who desire to serve the poor for at least a year. After a year, they may continue their formation as a postulant if the superiors see fit and the young man desires it.

In addition to receiving this beautiful sign of commitment, he received the empty Cross which he will wear around his neck this year. Its function is to remind him that following Christ is following the Cross. In the words of Fr. Giovanni, our founder, “Each young man who chooses the Movement, chooses the Cross.”

To these signs is added our rule, the Imitation of Christ, a little book known by some as the “Kempis” [for its author] and which spells out the model for the missionary that desires to become like Christ. He is also given a rosary so that, little by little, he learns to turn to Mary regularly and count on her maternal help in the middle of all the vicissitudes that he will encounter on his way.

Sebastian is 24 years old and was born near Lima, Peru. He studied philosophy at the Pontifical and Civil Faculty of Theology in Pueblo Libre, Lima. He joined our community on October 22 of this year.

On asking him after the ceremony what his desires and aspirations are he responded, “I want to do everything for the love of Jesus and Mary and through them to love the poor. I want to try to do the will of God and to always embrace what He wills. I know there will be difficulties and constant work, but God is my strength.”

You may also see photos of this event.