Solemnity of Our Lady of Pilar

SET 17, 2022

We thank God because on the great solemnity of Our Lady of the Pilar on October 12, which is a special day for all the Missionary Servants of the Poor, we were able to share the joy of Sr. Lourdes Chino Champi who made her perpetual vows of obedience, poverty, and chastity to our Lord and received a ring as a symbol of her commitment. At the same celebration, the novice Ana Cristina Huisa Quispe made her temporary vows for the first time and was clothed with the habit and cross of the Missionary Servants of the Poor, entering a new stage in her formation as “junior professed.” In addition, the young lady Maribel Illatinco Yupanqui, following a year of discernment with the Sisters, received the postulant’s cross and uniform becoming a member of the Missionary Servants of the Poor community. The celebration was presided over by Fr. Walter Corsini, Vicar General of the MSP, who received the vows of the Sisters.


We also joyfully announce that Sr. María Bertha is celebrating the Silver Anniversary of her perpetual vows, 25 years of her betrothal to the Lord as a Missionary Servant of the Poor. She, as one of the first being faithful to the missionary mandate of Jesus, marked out for us the path that we must follow and embrace the missionary adventure among the poorest and most needy.

May Holy Mary Mother of the Poor protect and help these sisters of ours in their consecration and shower graces and blessings on their vocation as Missionary Servants of the Poor.

Thank you for saying Yes to Jesus!