The reception of the alb. A beautiful rite.

NOV 8, 2023

We have continued with this beautiful work of complying with those instructions of the Magisterium of the Church to promote local vocations.

During this year, two gatherings have been held for boys who want to know about our vocation in depth. Around 40 boys participated in the first gathering and around 35 participated in the second. Of them, several have expressed the desire to enter and begin training at the Saint Aloysius Gonzaga Vocational Center.

This year eight boys have been trained in our Vocational Center, six of whom persevered until the end of the year. However, during the second half of the year we received more boys who came for vocational experiences of two to four weeks.

During this time, the rite of the clothing with the alb stands out, a rite by which the young man commits himself more deeply to God for service at Holy Mass. Through this rite, the young man becomes fully a part of the Vocational Center, completing his trial period.

We commend these young men being formed at the Vocational Center to your prayers that they persevere on the road that God has set them on.