The Way of the Cross with our Employees and Students

MAR 26, 2024

During Lent, the MSP pray the Way of the Cross as a community, exploring with faith and devotion the mysteries of the life of Jesus. It is beautiful to see that we not only foster the Holy Way of the Cross within our community, but that we also transmit the devotion to all the people around us. Thus, we teach the Stations of the Cross to all our children and workers.

We recommend that you not neglect such a holy practice. In a wonderful little book titled “The Purgatory Manuscript,” the soul of a nun who constantly communicates from Purgatory with another of her religious sisters tells her that praying the Way of the Cross is one of the Lord's favorite practices, since through it we enter into the contemplation of His passion and death, preparing our hearts for the Resurrection.

A Holy Lent to you all and good preparation for the upcoming Holy Week.