Three new Novices make their Rite of Admission

SEP 8, 2021

With great joy we announce that three of our Missionary Servants of the Poor Brothers have entered the MSP novitiate after having completed four years of formation. The first year was spent in the missions with the abandoned children and the poor people of the Peruvian Cordillera. The other three years were spent in our Holy Mary Mother of the Poor House of Formation in Ajofrin, Spain where they studied Philosophy.

The Rite of Admission consists of:

-       Petition by the brothers

-       Reading of the Word of God

-       Acceptance of the novices

-       Conferral of the black scapular jacket, the novitiate cross, and the Constitutions (which they will study during this year)

-       The Universal Prayers of the Faithful

-       The Concluding Rite

We congratulate Brother Fabián Caluori (Swiss), Brother Gabriel Brändle (Swiss), and Brother René Pacsi (Peruvian) for taking the next step on the road to consecration to the Lord. We commend them to your prayers that this novitiate year will help them deepen their spiritual lives and unite themselves more closely with Our Lord.