Testimony Daniel Mendoza

“The best times of my life were spent at the Francisco and Jacinta Marto School.”

At the beginning I was not inclined to pray or attend Mass. I was actually a Protestant in an evangelical movement but the Missionary Servants of the Poor school helped me a lot as a person,  economically, and also in my religious search. Because although it is true we were taught the doctrine of the Catholic Church, I didn’t feel very comfortable because I still doubted that God really existed in it.

Time passed and, little by little, from the teachings I received at school and the experiences I had with some of the Brothers, I began to learn. We talked about the Catholic faith and other religions. It was coherent and meaningful to talk about other religions, because it was not about infusing Catholicism, but about knowing it and making it known as the true religion.

I wanted to become a policeman. I studied almost a half year but realized that I couldn’t fulfill all the requirements so I finished my studies at the University. Now I am studying Business Administration.

When I graduated from high school, I was a little crazy. I got out of control and lived without rules or obligations. I felt “free.” But at the same time, I felt guilty because I knew all the damage sin was doing. Furthermore, I had religious instruction and was conscious of the moral burden that my acts carried with them. I strayed from the right path for a time. I tried to forget what I learned but it wasn’t easy. However, visiting the Movement and remembering my life there, I realized all my sinful pursuits were superficial, trivial, and didn’t help me at all. I missed going to school, praying, and feeling part of a family.

To everyone who donates to us, whether you give much or little (it doesn’t matter how little!), the important thing is that it is given from the heart.

Thank you again. It is because of your help that a poor young man like me has been able to get ahead and now I am studying Business Administration.

Thank you to all who have helped to lift from poverty so many children like me who lived in very difficult circumstances.  It is because of you that I had a good education, food, and schooling in a beautiful building. The best times of my life were spent at school with my friends thanks to people who helped Father Giovanni Salerno create this wonderful place for us.

I missed going to school and praying