Testimony Jhon Max Begoa

“I spent 8 years in the Saint Tarcisius Home. There I met God and learned the meaning of the verb ‘to share’.”

My name is Jhon Max Begoa Sotelo. I am 29 years old. I lived with the Missionary Servants of the Poor who were my wonderful family from 1997 to 2005 and spent those years in the Home, the school, and the workshops. It really was like being in a big family. It did a lot for me!

In the workshops I learned many technical skills which have helped me in my personal and professional development. At the same time, while I was in the home, I learned the meaning of sharing since everything that came into the home we shared among us. If someone gave us a candy, we had to share it among all of us. Indeed, everything I learned in the home has helped me to grow in virtue.

When I was young, my parents didn’t have sufficient resources to take care of me. My mother died when I was little. This is when I entered the home and began attending the Movement’s school until I graduated from their high school.

God is a fundamental pillar of my life to guide me and walk with me to help me do well.

The thing that has especially stayed with me is the sense of family. We all helped each other out. We were like one person and we all learned the true meaning of sharing.

Everything contributed by people who help the Missionary Servants of the Poor, be it a grain of sand or a ton of it, adds up, and when it is all collected it provides a good life to those in the home and those who attend the school and the workshops. I ask you to please continue helping the children and the poor who are just like I was, because all this help makes possible our good formation as persons and as professionals.

Today I have a degree in Business Administration and I am also a volunteer fireman. Thank you!

Today I am a professional