Testimony Nicanor Machacca

“My parents were poor and had no resources. They sought help and found it in the Movement.”

I take this opportunity to tell you some things about my experience with the Movement of the Missionary Servants of the Poor, about how I came there, what it was like to live there, and what I am currently doing.

I came to the Movement because my parents didn’t have jobs and were unable to take care of me. They looked for help and found it in the Movement. The Servants of the Poor took me in when I was seven and I was with them until I graduated from high school at sixteen. I lived with them until I was twelve and then returned home but continued attending the Movement’s school.  After graduating, I got a scholarship to study food processing at the technical center.

I want to continue studying so I am now studying Civil Engineering at the University and I am giving it my all!

I am very grateful for the wonderful support I received through the Movement.

Of course, I lost many friends due to the instruction I received in the Movement because “outside” (referring to the spirit of the world) it is another world. Once I had a conversation with Father Giovanni and he told me that “outside” is like Sodom and Gomorrah. Then I began to think about that and always tried to do what is right.

I am giving it my all!