Querowasi, Cuzco, Peru

Contemplative Community

Is made up of a Priest and two Contemplative Brothers. In addition to dedicating themselves to prayer and contemplation and welcoming guests for vocational spiritual retreats, they take care of the production of fruit and vegetables for the various Centers and the various soup kitchens of the Missionary Servants of the Poor.


The Contemplative Community is like a compass for the Missionary Servants of the Poor that directs them in their primary mission of prayer and a deep interior life without which it would be impossible to truly serve the poor.


“The aspect of the charism of the Movement that most attracts me is that the Missionary Servants of the Poor want to go to meet the poor to offer them the treasures of the Church. I think that the contemplative life is one of those treasures of the Church through its witness to the primacy of God and intercessory prayer” (Father Aloïs, MSP Priest of the Contemplative Community).