Cuzco – Perú

Mother House in Cuzco

From this house the groups of Missionary Servants of the Poor Sisters leave to evangelize the poorest towns in the mountains. They also take care of many sick children and girls and teenagers who are orphaned or very poor.

  • Saint Teresa Orphanage

    Takes in the youngest poor children and many children with physical and mental disabilities of varying degrees. Here they can grow up in a spiritually and physically healthy environment.

  • Saint Agnes Student Residence

    Houses about 25 girls from poor or problematic families who attend the Saint Maria Goretti School.

  • Saint Maria Goretti School

    Educates some 280 poor schoolgirls. The students also receive training in sewing, weaving, cooking, ceramics, and computers.

  • Blessed Laura Vicuña Oratory

    Is attended by approximately 100 girls and teenagers from poor families from the outskirts of Cuzco.