Our mission doesn’t stop!

DEC 4, 2021

Despite the restrictions caused by the pandemic, we have never stopped our missionary work. In order to keep it going, a community led by Father Carlos goes to several villages in the Andes mountains. We visit Coklaqui, San Juan de Quihares, Yarkakunka, Mayubamba, Alto de Cucuchiray, and Parocochan, among others. What do we do there? We announce our arrival and then visit houses and celebrate Holy Mass every day in each village. We do activities with the children and adults like catechesis and games. As we are able, we also distribute food and blankets to everyone. The most important thing during this time is that the Lord is present in these villages which so seldom have Him.

We ask your prayers that we may be able to return to these villages as frequently as we used to so that the poor may have the blessing of receiving the Lord in their villages.


Starting December 7, we will have two weeks of evangelization in the poor mountain villages. Three priests and some brothers will go on this mission which will cover several villages and bring them the Word of God.