Returning to the essential

AUG 31, 2022

Saint Jean Baptiste de la Salle used to like to retreat frequently to be alone to talk to God. Everyone knew that whenever the saint had a doubt or problem to solve, he took advantage of a very powerful and well-known means in the Catholic Church, the spiritual retreat.

Our Mother Sandra, superior of the Missionary Sister Servants of the Poor, also believes that this is a powerful means for souls to return to the essential. On many occasions, the duties of the day blind us and doesn’t allow us to see things more supernaturally. So it is important to go on retreat to pray, to meditate, and to have a deeper intimacy with God and His saints.

For several days until June 3, the novices made a spiritual retreat. On June 4 the Sisters taking perpetual vows began theirs. On August 7 the poor girls we care for in the Home went on retreat and on August 21 we will have a retreat open to anyone who would like to participate.

We recommend this beautiful practice. Cardinal Robert Sarah also recommends it affirming in his book God or Nothing that when he can he always retires to a monastery to pray. For those who can, we suggest that you experience the joy of going on retreat to be alone with Jesus (cf. Mk 6:31).