Skilled laborers for the future

In our Saint Aloysius Gonzaga workshops our boys learn various technical skills such as baking, carpentry, cooking, ceramics, etc. which will serve them in the future to provide their families with income.

Help us to improve our facilities so that our poor students have the opportunity to prepare in the greatest possible way so that they can develop in their trade with determination and excellence.


Fiscal certification

Dear Friends, thank you for your generosity in thinking of sending us a donation in order to support our evangelization efforts. We want you to be aware that your donations via PayPal and DonorBox reach out to an Italian Bank account, from which are sent out directly to Peru. In Italy we own a tax-exempt status as we are a non-profit organization. In case you wanted to deduct the amount given to us from what you owe in taxes you could ask us. We could provide a tax-exempt status statement that includes your donation, but please consider that this would be valid in Italy, maybe in Europe, probably not elsewhere. In such case we would invite to check about the validity of such statement in your own country and, if not, to donate via check of bank transfer to our English or American Bank account listed below.


You may donate through PayPal


Bank transfer

Bank name: Co-operative Bank

Account name: Missionary Servants of the Poor TW

Sort Code: 08 92 99 Account:65441594

(Registered UK Charity number:1134707)

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