News from Cuba

APR 24, 2024

During the month of March, our community in Cuba received the visit of Father Walter Corsini, Vicar General of the MSP. They tell us,  “We appreciate Father Walter's visit from February 22 to March 8. We give thanks for his fatherly presence, his personal attention to the members of the community, and his pastoral dedication.”

Taking advantage of his visit, the new agreement was signed between the Diocese of Cienfuegos and the Missionary Servants of the Poor, since the previous one had come to an end last December. This is an agreement by which the MSP commit to serving various towns and areas of the Diocese of Cienfuegos.

Also during the month of March, several retreats were preached in honor of Holy Week, retreats that were attended by many people. Social gatherings were held, various medications were distributed, and everyone was assisted so that they could live Holy Week well.

“We went to a good number of our towns to celebrate the Holy Easter Triduum where the faithful attended in large numbers. Some of the nighttime celebrations (Holy Thursday and Holy Saturday) were quite difficult because several of those who came do not usually come to Mass and therefore are not in the habit of being silent, and also the disco music in the street made it very difficult to keep recollected. However, they were days of abundant grace, among which were the baptisms of two children in Cumanayagua."

During the month of April, the various usual activities have continued.

We entrust this beautiful apostolate to your prayers.