Distribution Of Food To The Poor Families Of Our Francisco And Jacinta Marto School

MAY 15, 2021

Yesterday we distributed food to more than 150 families. We have distributed 8 tons in total. Each family received approximately 50 kilos of assorted groceries. Some of the food was produced in the City of Boys in Andahuaylillas while other food like milk, pasta, oil, etc. we had to buy.

As you well know, the Servants of the Poor Married Missionaries have been in charge of distributing food to poor families for a long time. Let’s hear what Tio Robinson says about it:

Among the many distributions we have made this year, the words of Mrs. Natividad Chuquihuayta, a single mother of 4 children, remain in my heart. “Without the help that the Missionary Servants of the Poor give us, we wouldn’t be able to survive to the end of the month.”

We thank everyone who supports us with their prayers. God bless you.