From our House of Formation in Spain

NOV 18, 2021

The community that lives at our Holy Mary Mother of the Poor House of Formation has returned to Ajofrin, Spain after a summer spent in apostolates and many powerful events.


Of the five members of the previous academic year, only Brother Pierre André (French) remains. The other four have gone to Peru, three of them to spend a year of novitiate. The community, however, will not be depleted as four new members will be arriving:  Brother Mateo (Peruvian) who after a year of novitiate is returning to Spain to begin his theological studies and make his first vows, and Brothers Miguel Ángel (Peruvian), Jhon Alejandro (Colombian), and Pablo (Mexican), who after a time of aspirancy in mission territory now begin their postulancy with the study of philosophy. 

We commend all of them to your prayers that they may be docile in allowing themselves to be formed according to the heart of the Servant of Yahweh.