God doesn’t forget the poor during the pandemic

JUN 21, 2021

From June 11-18 we distributed 16 tons of food to 280 families. Each family received 5 kg of oats, 5 kg of rice, 5 kg of sugar, 1 kg of cheese, 24 loaves of bread, 15 kg of potatoes, 5 kg of squash, 10 kg of corn, 2 liters of oil, 1 kg of salt, 1 can of milk, 2 bags of clothes (generously donated by our benefactors in Italy) and 1 special gift for the children.

Thank you to all the benefactors whose generosity made this possible. We ask that you don’t give up donating generously to the poor as they are God’s chosen ones.

Indeed, when we help our poor suffering brother, not only are we giving something away, we also receive, with increase, the infinite blessings of God.