Our Pilar is the Virgin Mary

OCT 18, 2021

Everyone knows the story of the apparition of the Virgin Mary to the Apostle James in Spain. However, it doesn’t hurt to repeat it.

About 40 B.C. the Most Holy Virgin Mary appeared to the Apostle James in Spain where he had not been able to make any converts. The beauty of the miracle is that she appeared to him while she was still alive. They say that she appeared on the top of a small column of jasper which is popularly known as “the Pillar.”





Since the foundation of the Movement of the Missionary Servants of the Poor, Father Giovanni, our founder, has always told us that Mary is the “pillar” of each one of our lives since without the help of such a good mother, missionary life would be a complete failure. This is why October 12 is a very special day for our Movement. On this day we make our perpetual or temporary vows.

We ask you to pray to our Most Blessed Mother that we may love her more and more each day.