The towns of our missions visit us

NOV 28, 2022

Since August of this year, we have had the idea of ​​inviting to our house the children, teachers and various parents linked to the various little schools of the mission towns that we visit.

The first towns to come were the towns of Taccaraccay and Parara, who were offered a very nice day, consisting of catechism, Holy Mass, sharing a delicious breakfast, lunch and snacks, a tour of our house, sports and games .

The truth is that the children were very happy, but not only them, the teachers and parents also showed great joy and closeness.

Later on Thursday, November 17, they visited us from the district of Rondocan, on Monday the 21st from Conchacalla (belonging to the district of San Jerónimo), on Thursday the 24th from “Alto Cucuchiray” and “Yarkakunka”.

In total, more than 200 children have benefited from this idea. After these experiences, many of them have stated that it has been something unforgettable for them, where they were able to learn more about their faith, get out of their harsh realities, and have the opportunity to have a different day.

We should all have the right to recreation, to a healthy recreation, to a sweet growth in faith; but, unfortunately, we realize that many of these children cannot access it, since after finishing their work at school, they must help their parents all afternoon taking care of the sheep or the few cattle they have.

We thank all of you, who, docile to what God inspires in your hearts, make this possible.